Jobs: "No Interest" in App that Detects iPhone's Radiation Emission

Steve Jobs replied with a succinct "No interest" to Gil Friedlander, Tawkon's CEO, when the latter asked the former if he would approve an app for the iTunes App Store that would allow iPhone users to see the level of radiation that their devices were emitting at any given time. With that, Gil took his app to Cydia and offered it to the users of jailbroken iPhones for free.

Steve Jobs's reasons for not wanting to have an app that would bring to light the amount of radiation people iPhones are emitting might be obvious but it seems that locking the app out of the App Store isn't going to stop people from downloading it and trying it out anyway.

Previous reports published have indicated that more radiation is released by phones when the device is looking for a signal. Gil had begun discussions with senior Apple executives on how to get the app approved for iTunes before Jobs formally closed the door.

So how does the app work? Basically it displays the amount of radiation being emitted by your phone on the screen. As Gil disclosed, the levels detected did not reach the maximum SAR regions as indicated in the iPhone manual.

However, when the levels are found to be higher, the app provides useful suggestions such as "go back" to the previous location (where there was better reception), "activate speakerphone " so you don't have to hold the phone up to your ear, "hold your phone vertically", or "activate your headset" while you're traveling fast.

For instructions on how to get the tawkon app for your jailbroken iPhone, you can check this link here: tawkon.