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The number of online job boards are growing exponentially, some already far more popular than others both for job seekers and employers. In order to make their own mark, new job boards need to do something that really sets them apart, and Jobsket in Spain and Ireland is talking figures.


Jobsket is a typical job board in many ways. Job seekers can post their resumes and employers can advertise jobs that are open. The catch is that they actually place a value on each individual that gets their resume up there, telling them exactly what they're worth based on their experience and the type of job they're looking for. Obviously, since most people in the job market are hoping to increase their salaries or take steps forward in their careers; this can be a disadvantages so job seekers can hide this from prospective employers if they choose.

Jobsket Job SiteJobsket Job Site

What Jobsket also does provide, however, are averages of jobs - from the best paying and worst paying based on the valuation of actual resumes uploaded to the site. This can help people see where they stand and decide if it might be time to look for something new!

Jobsket has definitely set something up that makes them stand out, the only question is from a job hunter perspective, is it in a positive way or not?

Feb 19, 2010
by Anonymous

Anything but

Anything is better than Monster &

More can be done & can aid hiring etc.

Must expand this online site to the US, Canada alone.

A-Z jobs, A-Z experience etc.

Feb 20, 2010
by Anonymous

Thanks for the review

Hey. Thanks for covering us with this note.

The fact is that CVs valuation is just a tiny thing of what we do. We now it is something quite catchy, but we view Jobsket as a way to promote your CV easily without having to fill never-ending forms or filling up boring templates. It's just your CV. You upload it in few seconds and you're sorted. We pregenerate the job alerts for you, you can share your cv in twitter, facebook, or embed our widgets in your blog/page and that sort of stuff. And, well, be headhunted.

With respect to recruiters, well our business is basically providing them a semantic engine to process their CVs. CVs valuation is a little bit irrelevant in this case, because they're the guys that know how to better judge a candidate's value. But we just provide that estimation as a mere hint. The real value of the tool is that recruiters/companies can upload thousands of CVs to their private space and get those CVs processed/classified/tagged automatically, allowing them to run free search queries, to add custom tags to CVs, to add comments and all that sort of stuff. So it is pretty much like an in-house Monster's Power Resume Search :)

We're looking for partnerships to expand internationally further on so if anyone is interested or just wants to speak, feel free to get in touch at: martin at jobsket dot com

Thanks again!