Joe Bike Cash For Clunkers: Trade Your Old Car For 2-Wheeled Transportation!

The cash for clunkers program was extremely popular when it launched in the US, and while it encouraged drivers to trade in an old inefficient vehicle for one a little more environmentally friendly, there's a new company on our radar that takes the concept to the next level.

Cash for ClunkersCash for Clunkers

Instead of providing discounts on cars like the cash for clunkers program did, Joe Bike encourages drivers to trade their cars in for a more eco-friendly option that has only 2 wheels; a bike! Drivers can bring their clunkers to the American Long Association, and then take their receipt to Joe Bike in exchange for any off the shelf or customized bike at a 10% discount. Since sometimes a bike just doesn't work for transportation exclusively, they also provide a code that gives commuters $50 off a Zipcar membership, a $150 driving credit, and half off the renewal of every annual membership.

So, now that the cash for clunkers government program has ended, take advantage of the Joe Bike program and choose greener transportation while this offer runs through until the end of the year.

Via: Springwise