iPhone-Charging Jeans: Hello, Who’s Calling, Please?

We all know that denim is everywhere in our modern cosmos.  Despite its bourgeois beginnings as work-wear for the 49ers in search of fortune and gold, denim has become a staple of not only casual but also of high fashion. Joe's Jeans, a California- based apparel company has launched a new denim line called Hello Jeans, which allows iPhone users to charge their phones.

 Joe's Jeans: Source: SideStreetBoutiqueJoe's Jeans: Source: SideStreetBoutique


This is not the first time the world of jeans fashion has merged with technology to improve communications between tech-addicted citizenry.  Joe's Jeans is not the first company to create blue jeans equipped with iPhone functionality. Recently search mogul, Google, partnered with the king of denim, Levi Strauss, to create Project Jacquard, a conductive yarn woven into any fabric that allows the performance  of basic smart phone functions via a simple touch of the garment's surface. In addition, other companies too, such as  I/O Denim and Nokia, have scrambled on board the chargeable wearable technology bandwagon.


Joe's Jeans Logo: Source: DJVonJoe's Jeans Logo: Source: DJVon


 How do the Hello Jeans work?

These special jeans have a unique opening just above that conventional back pocket fitted into every pair of jeans ever made. Its purpose is to house a portable battery, which via a power cord  of the denim, concealed along the sides connects the battery pack to the phone. This specially designed pocket fits three iPhone models: 5,5S or 6. While charging, the phone rests within another convenient side pocket. Caution, however is advised, as out of sight is out of mind, a potentially fatal situation to the phone and battery if the jeans are thrown into the washing machine without removing them! 


Hidden Pocket: Source: iDigitalTimesHidden Pocket: Source: iDigitalTimes


Some features of the Hello Jeans

The jeans come in four distinct sizes each designed with a waistband equipped with a portable battery pack and USB cord. It must be said that at least for now until a prototype can be accurately tested, comfort levels concerning both the price of the jeans and that hidden back pocket have still to be assessed. Currently set at slightly under $200 plus an additional $49 for the charger, these jeans may not make it to fashion's mainstream consumers. Battery life also leaves something to be desired, as it reportedly charges the iPhone 5 and 5S p to 85% and the iPhone 6 up to 70%.


Hello Jeans Special  Pocket: Source:MoneyAOL.COHello Jeans Special Pocket: Source:MoneyAOL.CO


The future of Hello Jeans

All limitations aside, the intention behind Hello jeans is a good one; to permit the consumer to leave the charger at home and do without a clunky charging case. These jeans represent a significant step in the burgeoning trend of chargeable wearable technology. Despite a spate of new products, this movement is still in its infancy. With increased dependency on and prevalence of smart phone usage, charging capabilities beyond anyone's wildest dreams are destined to become incorporated into modern casual fashion.

Closing thoughts  on blue jeans:
Blue jeans are the most beautiful things since the gondola. ~ Diana Vreeland

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