Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle: Two-Wheeled Barrel Of Fun

The innovative Austrian-designed Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle (“Eletromotorrad” in German) doesn't look like any other electrobike while performing better than most of its competitors.

Sporting bulbous aluminum bodywork ribbed for strength and a pair of long-necked rear view mirrors that evoke the stalked eyes of a snail, the Johammer J1 emanates a vaguely Vespa-esque visual vibe but that's where the similarities stop.

Jean-Marie Lawniczak and Leonie Lawniczak (above) of the Linz, Austria-based Yellow design firm have managed to tuck as much of the Johammer J1's in-house developed powertrain beneath the organically curved fairing. Their motivation was part practical – electric goodies need to be kept dry – and part purposeful; vehicles cleave the air more cleanly with a lower coefficient of drag.

Indeed, a bare minimum of equipment pokes out from the body shell into the airstream. The design dispenses with familiar motorcycle foot controls, opting instead for a scooter-like placement of the accelerator AND brake on the handlebars. As for those mirrors, the high-resolution 2.4” reflectors are multi-functional and display relevant driving parameters to the rider via an integral screen.

Make no mistake, the “cute” Johammer J1 is bigger than most electrobikes. It stretches 220cm (86.6 inches) in length and spans 130cm (51 inches) to the highest point at the top of the mirrors.

A 145.5cm (57.2 inches) wheelbase is balanced out with a central seating position 65cm (25.5 inches) off the ground. It's a heavy beast as well: 178kg (390 lb) for the top end model.

You can get the full suite of technical data at the website but the parameters relating to range deserve mention. Johammer claims the J1 is the “first serial electric motorcycle with reach beyond 200km (124 miles)” but only if you pony up €25,000 ($34,630) for the J1.200 with its 12.7 kWh capacity battery. The €23,000 ($31,860) J1.150 packs a more compact 8.3 kWh capacity battery that provides a 150km range (93.2 miles) with a bonus being a shorter charging time.

The Johammer J1 Electric Motorcycle is available in five body colors (silver, white, blue, yellow or green) complemented by black ABS plastic operational accessories and matte anodized aluminum frame components. Additional info and ordering instructions can be found at the company website. (via ElectricBikeAction and Ride Apart)