Not Just Small Change: Johnny Swing's Nickel Couch

Do you have an old jar of change lying around that you're waiting to go cash in on a rainy day?  I suspect that Johnny Swing did too, but somewhere on his way to the bank he was struck with the brilliant and, come on - obvious - alternative: to weld them into swank couch.

 Johnny Swing: the lap of luxuryJohnny Swing: the lap of luxury

The nickel couch is made of approximately 7,000 nickels and is held together via a whopping 35,000 welds on a stainless steel truss of 350 feet of stiffining rods, and weighs in at about 125 lbs.

Not content to just deal with small change, Johnny also has other coin furniture in the series. Below is the half dollar butterfly chair, which uses 1,500 half dollar coins and 7,000 welds.  

 Spare some change?Spare some change?

Additionally, in his series that deals with cold hard cash,  he's crafted penny tables and bowls, a quarter chair, and a stuffed teddy bear made from $1 bills.

Talk about making your money work for you.  

Johnny Swing