Join The Dots Wallpaper Allows Kids To Draw On The Walls

As simple as the concept is, playing connect the dots can keep children entertained for quite a while.  Imagine the fun they would have with this on a much larger scale.  Join the Dots Wallpaper from Cox & Cox allows exactly that.  This innovative wallpaper starts out basic white with dots printed on it, but becomes a unique art piece of your child’s creation.

They can use all kinds of colored pens, markers, puffy paint, sparkly glue and pretty much whatever else they can think of to connect the dots and watch the designs emerge.  They can even add their very own drawings in between to make a thoroughly customized pattern. 

It sounds like a lot of fun to me and something that I certainly would have loved as a child (or possibly even now).  My only concern would be the possibility that having this wallpaper might give children the impression that all of the walls in the house are fair game.

Source: Cox&Cox