Join The Fight For Democracy With The Fight For Freedom iPod App

The world has borne witness to the protests of numerous countries from the Middle East in recent weeks. It began last December of 2010 in Tunisia and has been going on since.

The rallies in Egypt and Libya gained widespread media attention mainly because the internet and social networking played such a huge and crucial part to the demonstrations.

Now you can be a part of the fight for democracy in several of these countries, even if you're physically a thousand miles away from where the protests and rallies are being held. The Fight for Freedom: One Click to Revolution app for the iPhone and iPod Touch by Obvious Apps makes sure of that.

It's a very simple app with a very commendable purpose. It's basically one that provides you with a voting platform to let your choice and voice be heard by U.S. President Barrack Obama and the United Nations Human Rights Council so that they will at least know what some millions of iPhone users think about the situation in the Middle East and the kind of action and intervention most people would like to see done in these protests.

Opening up the app will direct you to a short and simple form that you are asked to fill out. Simply enter your name, email address, and select the country that you think should be prioritized and slated for international intervention and aid. There's also an option at the bottom which asks you what kind of action that you'd like to see in the country you've selected: non-violent protests, a small military response, or a large military response.

The "How Our Revolt Works" contains the same statement as in the app's description in the iTunes App Store: "Our world is changing. The struggle for freedom and equality grows hour by hour. Show your support by forcing global leaders to take notice. YOU are the cog of change. Vote for which country’s people you feel need your support the most! With your one click, a revolution begins!"

The current vote will close in two weeks and the user-generated priority list will be sent out to the government and UN agencies involved.

The Fight for Freedom app is continuing the trend of having social media and online networking influence world events as they happen. You could choose to make your voice heard through this app but I think that you can also effect change by writing a letter and sending it off to these agencies yourself.

You can get the Fight for Freedom: One Click to Revolution app here: iTunes App Store.