Join GE’s #3DPrintMyGift Challenge & Make Santa’s Sleigh!

This fun contest presented by GE and GrabCAD will test 3D printing wizards and creative dreamers to design a printable model of the greatest version of Santa’s sleigh to date! Are your ready for this Christmas challenge?

Between your engineering skills and sense of imagination, how would you design the next-gen version of Santa’s sleigh to handle the planet’s population increase of one-third by the year 2050? Old Saint Nick’s going to need a ride that will hold more presents for many more people than there are on 2013’s Earth, in just as much time as he always does. (If you said “Christmas Magic,” stop trying to ruin GE’s contest!)

It’s up to you to design a 3D printable 50mm x 50mm x 50 mm model of the Ultra-Sleigh, and if your sleigh is picked as the favorite, it will become a prize for GE's upcoming #3DPrintMyGift Christmas campaign, a professionally printed plastic copy of your model, a notebook and a GrabCAD t-shirt. Prizes are sent out to the top ten sleighs, so don’t be afraid to let your imagination soar for this lighthearted competition. If it was up to me, Santa’s sleigh would be shaped like a podracer and it’d be pulled by eight magical flying cheetahs. If reindeer can fly around the world in a night, cheetahs should pull it off in 12 hours of less, right?

You’ve got until November 24th, 2013 to get your sleek, stylish, safe and functional designs for Santa’s sleigh, (click here to enter), and if you’ve always wanted to make improvements on the Jolly One’s classic ride, here’s your chance. Good luck, 3D printing elven designers!
Source: GrabCAD