Join the Resistance in the Terminator Salvation Multiplayer Game

A new promotional site for the Terninator: Salvation movie features a fully functional multiplayer strategy game that you can load right up on the site without having to install any software.  Pretty impressive, right?  This is the most well-rounded browser-based action title I've played in some time.  Fun, intuitive, and challenging enough to keep you hooked for quite some time, the game is sure to impress.

You start off by registering your handle and password.  Don't worry about privacy, because they don't even ask for an email for you to make an account.  It's merely to track your stats.  After that, you're connected to the game server to find an open game to join.  You can pick either the human resistance or the Terminators as your team, although I think you'll find that they're both pretty evenly matched.  Once you've picked a game, you'll be brought to a brief loading screen where you'll be introduced to the control, and then it's game time!

The Terminator team has a little more variety, and slightly heavier firepower than the humans, but they're slower.  The human resistance team is more evenly spread out, stats-wise.  The controls will defintely take a second to get used to, and this might be my biggest complaint about the game overall.  Instead of just picking what direction to walk in, you have to use left, right, and down to aim your character, and then press up to start walking.  You get used to it after a few seconds, but it just seems a little less intuitive than just running in whatever direction you pressed.

If this were a video game for a major home console, it would be laughable.  However, for a hybrid real-time strategy/action game with graphics of this calibur to be running so smoothly as an online multiplayer game based soley around your browser is really awesome.  The game is simple enough that you can dive right in and start getting your strategies down, and varies enough to keep you coming back.  Some people on the leader board have hit over 10,000 kills already!  Go take five with this game today, and let us know how you liked it!