Join The Seedy Underworld Of Black Market Coffee Purchasing At BlackSunshine

The old cup of morning joe gets a ganster makeover at, a seedy online underground seller for the world's most popular morning drug.  If you think you have the steele to get past these thuggish baristas, enter in a deal with a first-person online experience in coffee buying.

The site will allow you to bypass the theatrics and get right to the buying (if you're a true addict and need a fix right now), but that kind of kills the fun.  Follow the lackeys down the elevator and meet the boss, who will warn you a few times to either check out "the merchandise" or buy something.  If you take to long to choose, he will shoot you.  Don't worry, you can start over pretty quickly.

This interactive e-commerce experience is truly unique.  Black Sunshine Coffee offers a very unique type of product: rare coffee beans harvested from the mountain of the Carribbean.  It's only fitting they should have such a unique experience in marketing their product.  If you want, you can watch a video about the making of the site on Vimeo.

I love coffee, and I'm pretty sure a lot of you must also share a love/addiction for the classic picker-upper.  To see how they've made this satirical and engaging purchasing experience just makes me that much more each to get my purchase.  Even if you don't wind up making a purchase, definitely go take a look at Black Sunshine, and let us know how you faired with these thugs in the comments.