Joke’s On You: 5 Best Technology April Fools Jokes of 2014

Every April Fools Day we are presented with outlandish technology products that we know deep-down inside are farces, yet, we somehow almost always want to believe they are true.   

This year’s unveiling of absurd technologies that are reserved for this sacred day, have come in many shapes and sizes.  Since almost everyone knows not to take the internet seriously today, companies like Samsung, Redbull, and Hailo are indeed going for laughs, not foolery.  Let’s take a look at this year’s best technology April Fools jokes of 2014.  

1. Red Bull’s Formula 1 Steering Wheel – With Twitter integration!

Ah yes, nothing seems more safe or practical than being able to use Twitter while steering a Formula 1 race car going over 100MPH.  You know, because drivers need to connect to their audience in new, socially innovative ways.

I can see it know, F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo tweeting: “lol totes passed you #blessed” at fellow drivers as he overtakes them around a corner.  Of course, Redbull claims this wheel isn’t designed to be used while driving, rather when the driver enters a pit stop.  Clearly however, this is Redbull’s attempt at satirical jab on texting and driving, and clearly, it’s funny as hell.

2. The Roku Watch

With wearable technology on the rise lately, it was only a matter of time before someone poked fun at these digital fashionistas.  Enter, the Roku Watch.  This “next evolution in streaming” comes with a gaudy antenna, a Roku remote (with an optional belt clip!), and a crystal clear 1 ½ inch by ½ inch screen!

To take the joke even further, the Roku watch also tracks your inactivity and grants you rewards based on how long you abstain from watching.  For instance, 10 hours will grant you a free large pizza straight to your door, 25 hours of inactivity will win a viewing of Blood Sport or Double Impact with action hero Jean-Claude Van Damme.

3. Headdit – A Revolutionary Way to Browse Reddit

No place on the web is keener to exploit April Fools than the popular news-sharing website Reddit.  Every year they seem to outdo themselves, and this year, didn’t fall short.  With Headdit, you can sync your Reddit viewing experience to your webcam, allowing you to scroll pages by nodding your head, opening a link with a “surprised look,” nodding your head “vigorously” for an up-vote, frowning for a down-vote, and shaking  your head to close a window.



Don’t forget about “cat mode” – by introducing a feline friend into the mix you can unlock a secret feature that pays homage to the site’s sacred love for cats.  The best part was their new, catchy slogan for this feature: “Reddit, simply ahead.”

4. Hailo’s Tandem Taxi App

Hailo, the world’s leading taxi-hailing app jumped into the April Fools madness by introducing their new concept of tandem taxis.  Londoners can now hail a tandem-bicycle taxi – ridden by licensed cab drivers who have received special training in “speed and agility” – and watch live on their smartphone app as it arrives in minutes. 

To get the Hailo tandem service in your city, the company took to Twitter with the hashtag #HailoTandems – which has already received numerous uses from gullible Tweeters.  This is obviously a stab at the eco-friendly hipster-crowd, and funny enough to land itself as one of the top April Fools jokes of 2014


5. Samsung’s Fly-Fi Pigeons

My favorite joke of the day comes from Samsung, who were able to take some time out of their busy day of promoting the S5 and Gear Fit, to bring us a little joy on this celebrated occasion. By connecting a small micro-router to our feathery friends of the sky, Samsung hopes to give us Wi-Fi everywhere.  Introducing Fly-Fi.      



Charging this router is easy, as pigeons love to hang out on power lines.  Stronger signals are also achieved if a flock of pigeons are gathered together, swarming over scraps on a city street. Also, ducks are an option.

What did you think of this year’s April Fools web and technology pranks?  What was your favorite?  Let me know in the comments below.