JournoTwit Turns Your Twitter Account Into A Newspaper

If you're a heavy Twitter user, then you're familiar with the task of organizing how many different accounts you're following and how to organize those updates.  Twitter offers grouping options, but sifting through hundreds or even thousands of accounts to get to the real news can be daunting.  If you're looking to get the breakdown of your account and the news in it, you can now use JournoTwit to turn your into account into a virtual Twitter newspaper.

This web application just asks that you sign in with your Twitter credentials.  For me, there wasn't even a confirmation section connected with Twitter that allowed me to allow or deny the application.  So, integration is really simple, although I don't know if not having the Twitter confirmation page is a good or a bad thing.

JournoTwit then breaks your account down into columns, sort of like TweetDeck, only contained within your browser. The categories ranges from news to statuses to mentions and even a multimedia column.  You can create your own columns, as well, and there is a smaller column with a keyword cloud describing popular terms being used on Twitter currently.

In terms of functionality and convenience, JournoTwit is a definite hit.  It's nice having an application like this that you don't have to install on every computer you use.  The downside, I suppose, is that if you've already taken to grouping all your follows already, you won't get much addtional use out of JournoTwit.  Either way, I encourage you guys to go give it a try, and let us know how you liked it in the comments.