Joy Baby Urinals Make Potty Training Less Ugly

Every stage and phase of parenting has its fair share of good, bad, and ugly moments. Our kids go through a lot of transitions and milestones from birth to preschool, and we need to make a lot of decisions during each of them. From our baby’s first time rolling over to their first words and steps, we lose sleep from worry and anticipation of the next big step. Okay, the kids don’t help us get much sleep, either. Will they ever sleep through the night? The answer is yes. And when do we ditch the diapers and start the potty training process? Gulp. Will potty training be as ugly as the stories told by experienced parents? Maybe. But not all parts need to be ugly. Joy Baby Potty Training Urinals for boys make things a little cuter.

My twin boys will be two years old next month. When it comes to potty training, I have very low expectations for them. They can barely keep food on their high chair trays, resist the urge to throw blocks across the room, or string more than two-word sentences together. They are like little wild animals that use ranch dressing as hair product. Seriously, they put everything on their heads and call it a hat.

But I want—NEED—them to start preschool in a little over a year. And in order to do that, they need to be potty trained. Thanks to their big sister, one of them seems interested in sitting on the toilet. I have been patient with his interest, but the main difference this time around, besides the lack of impulse control and language skills, is the penis.

If you would have asked me six months ago if I would have a urinal in one of my bathrooms, I would have promised you that I would never. And here I am, researching potty training urinals. I am a click away from ordering the Joy Baby Frog Urinal. For two reasons: it is super cute—yes, I said it. And I don’t trust my boys. They have peed on me, the floor, and my slippers more times than I can count. And as my little guy sits on the potty, I nervously anticipate another shower.

The frog urinal (it also comes shaped as a whale) would give my twins the ability to stand, aim, and fire while facing away from me. Standing removes my worry about their likelihood of tucking; they tend to play with their freedom more than keep it pointed appropriately into the bowl while sitting. The large suction cups on the back of the urinal mount to any type of bathroom surface and allow parents to make height adjustments as their son grows; perfect for varying ages and heights of multiple boys in the house too.

The Joy Baby urinal is made of lightweight, sturdy plastic and stands eight inches tall with a six inch deep tank. The tank is removable from the suctioned-on frame, which makes cleaning a little easier. But the best part is the built-in windmill which spins when hit by urine flow. Not only is it a target designed to keep pee off of the floor, but it is a fun way to keep potty training interesting for your child.

There are step stools to make it easier for my boys to reach the toilet. There are disposable targets that can be thrown into toilets. And there are other urinals on the market. Joy Baby Potty Training Urinals for boys seem to have it all, though, and without the temptation to climb onto the toilet or stick their hands into the bowl.

On some days, the benefit of saving money on diapers will feel overshadowed by the bad days of potty training. But our children will learn to do their business in the toilet eventually. I promise. Joy Baby urinals are one way to make potty training a little less ugly.

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