Don't Get What You Pay For From Judgy Snack Vending Machine With Facial Recognition

The New Year will be here before we know it, and with that comes often unattainable resolutions that don't ever seen the turn of the calendar month. We can put fail-safe solutions in place to lead us in the right direction, but there are always temptations waiting to lure us back on the wagon (whatever your wagon of choice may be). If your relationship with food is what you struggle with, now there's a vending machine that can join your resolution success team. But I warn you - you're probably not going to be on friendly terms with this innovation for long.

The technical name for this vending machine is the Luce L2 Tough TV - but for our purposes, let's just call it the judgiest vending machine you've never encountered. The concept comes from Rhea Vendors in Italy, and it's currently being rolled out in the UK. This vending machine can be your best friend or your worst enemy because it tells you what you can and can't eat (like I said, it's a judgy little robot)! Of course, when you're feeling motivated to make healthy food choices, you'll feel like this innovative vending machine is your biggest cheerleader. Those times you just don't care, and are ready to cheat, you might find yourself feeling stabby if it denies you the indulgence of your choice.

Of course, this vending machine doesn't deny everyone access to the delicious snacks they crave - that just wouldn't be a practical business plan if they fail to generate revenue at every opportunity. Instead, it uses sophisticated facial recognition software to analyze the mood of every customer, their visual health, and yes, their shape and size. If the judgy vending machine is granted permission to, it also looks at the medical history of a customer so it can help guide them to make smart health choices based on their individual needs.

What that means is that everytime you go to get a snack, it's like the machine is on the same team as your doctor, reminding you that salt shouldn't be a part of your diet if you like to live. It also looks at your purchase history (data which is also referenced via facial recognition) to make sure that you practice moderation. Your diet cheerleader isn't going to let you get away with over-indulging in that 4th chocolate bar. Just like it isn't going to let you snack if your mood indicates that it's an unhealthy choice.

Of course, this isn't the only use for this vending machine it is highly programmable and customizable, and the technology can be used in a vairety of ways.

This vending machine concept is an interesting one that has it's merits. But is it taking things a little too far into "big brother" territory?

Via: Springwise