10 Refreshing Designs From The Rainforest

Julia Krantz is one of the most exciting interior designers working in wood today. Trained as an architect, Ms. Krantz creates from the wood of her native Brazilian rainforests. That her designs seem to emerge from the woods themselves, rather than pre-drawn concepts, makes Ms. Krantz's work so fresh and captivating, it's almost mesmerizing.

Ms. Krantz, a devoted conservationist, uses only wood from managed forests to create her furniture and accessory designs, producing each design in very limited quantities, and utilizing native foresters (Forest Stewardship Council) to gather and cut each piece. She clearly loves working in her medium, and she pays tribute to it with each composition.

The task here is not writing about Julia Krantz's designs, it's choosing only 10 to share with you. They can speak for themselves.


1. Julia Krantz Lounge Chairs: Suave Armchair



Here, the same design, in a lighter shade of the same wood. was shown at Miami Design 'O8 (DeZeen)




2. Julia Krantz Tables: Baum Table




3. Julia Krantz Chairs: Tripé Chair




4. Julia Krantz Chairs: Bigorna Bench




5. Julia Krantz Tables: Sticks Table




6. Julia Krantz Chairs: Canoa Bench




7. Julia Krantz Lounge Chairs: Chaise



8. Julia Krantz Chairs: The BI Bench




9. Julia Krantz Chairs: The Slide Chair




10. Julia Krantz Accessories: Tabuleiro Bowl




11. Julia Krantz Accessories: Gamela 50



No, I just couldn't keep my list to 10. But definitely take a look at some of those that I didn't include at Ms. Krantz's website.


Julia Krantz via DeZeen
Jan 12, 2009
by Anonymous