Jumbo Shrimp Neck Pillow Is Creepy & Comfy

This giant boiled shrimp neck pillow from Japan makes the perfect holiday gift for that tough-to-buy-for seafood lover but you'll be tempted to keep it for yourself: it's a unique couch cushion that'll also freak out your cat.  

That's Not A Jumbo Shrimp, THIS Is A Jumbo Shrimp!

Japan likes giant stuff (like this enormous steam-spewing Godzilla Christmas Tree) and this boiled jumbo shrimp neck pillow is positively elephantine. The fabric covering is rendered in a disturbingly realistic fashion that'll surely prompt more than a few double-takes should you decide to wear it outdoors as a scarf. Hey, just blame Global Warming.

We're Gonna Need A Bigger Bowl Of Seafood Sauce

This creepy yet comfy cervical crustacean measures 40cm by 30cm by 10cm (15.75” by 11.8” by almost 4” thick). It's designed to fit around the neck of an average human – or dog, if the images can be believed.

(all images via Rakuten)

Suggestions listed at the seller's website include birthday present for a boyfriend or girlfriend, housewarming, sixtieth birthday gift, retirement celebration, wedding celebration or anniversary (why say it with diamonds when you can say it with shrimp?), and... sympathy? Yeah, you can see they were really stretching by the end: “Our most sincere condolences, please enjoy this giant shrimp pillow.”