Jump Start Your Tipsiness With A Set Of Tipsy Wine Glasses


After a long day at work, what’s better than getting a little tipsy with a glass (or three) of palate pleasing wine? You pour; you sip and you wait for that wave of relaxation to take hold. It’s a great way to unwind, but what if you could start out with a little tipsiness? Tipsy Wine Glasses by Big Mouth Toys will put a smile on your face and throw your guests a little off (which can be amusing in itself).

These hand-blown glasses are a little off, in a good way. Imagine handing one of these to your unsuspecting friend and watching as she reaches to set it down on the table. The glasses come in sets of two and are emblazoned with, “Let’s Get Tipsy” and, “Wanna Get Tipsy?” messages. Each glass holds 12 oz. of your favorite vino. As with most wine glasses, hand washing is recommended.

They might not fit as neatly in your cupboards as their straight stemmed cousins, but they’re so much more entertaining. With a few sets you could even throw a grown-up mad-hatter type party. You may never be able to go back to a plain old straight stem wine glass again after trying these goofy goblets. To check out the reviews on Tipsy Wine Glasses or to pick up a set click here.

Source: Amazon

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