Jump Start Your Car From The Inside Out

To me, one of the worst feelings in the world comes when your car breaks down on the highway or in the middle of nowhere.  As a woman, maybe my vulnerability is greater than men might experience, but my fear comes from a few unforgettable experiences in neighborhoods you may have only seen in the movies.




If your battery goes, even if you have AAA, you might have to wait an hour or so for a driver to be available, so I like the idea of trying the Portable Jump Starter before calling AAA. It can power up your battery from the inside of your car, right from your cigarette lighter. 


Porta-Jump starts your battery up from inside your car.Porta-Jump starts your battery up from inside your car.


There's no need for jumper cables or even AAA, unless your battery is totally dead.  In that case, you will find out right away, because the 'smart chip' inside the Portable Jump Starter will let you know if your battery won't take a charge.  In that case... call AAA or whatever auto rescue club you've joined.

The Portable Jump Starter revs up your battery in about 10 minutes.  You can recharge the battery in 30 minutes and you can use it over and over again. First Street offers a 90 return policy for the Portable Jump Starter.


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Jul 30, 2010
by Anonymous

Must for ALL makes & models made Today

Must for cars, trucks, RVs Sold & esp for Rentals IE A-Z rentals in case maint wasnt done on vehicle etc.

Must be Std for ALL makes & models.

Make bigger size for longer charges.

To Rent & Sell for Use & include the AAA in this plan too.