Jumping Rope For Big Boys: Wilde Seile

Ahhh...those kooky Europeans have a whole 'nother world going on over there. Not only do they drop funky trick-sports like stooling, but they have their own unique ideas for fitness too.

Look at that picture and tell me that big, happy German guy shouldn't be bouncing around while his buddies clap out a beat and spit out rhymes about "Miss Suzie". Only there is no jumping-rope posse just out of camera view (I'd pay to see a group of grown German dudes jumping rope in a schoolyard), because that's no jump rope. 

No, that's a Wilde Seile--or wild ropes if you drop the DE for the ENG. And said wild ropes are a little thicker than jump rope--in fact, they're modeled after another school-day cliche: the climbing ropes from gym class. 

As presented at Germany's ISPO show, Wild Seile is a fitness system in which the ropes are anchored to the ground. The weight of the ropes makes them a good exercise regimen (or so says the description from the inventor of Wild Seile). It looks like the objective is to grab both ends of the rope and keep it going in a wave-like rhythm, exercising your upper body all the while. 

And apparently "several people can exercise at the same time and additionally train rhythm and low lying muscle parts"--so maybe there is a chance to see a big group of German dudes hopping around while freestyling schoolyard rhymes.

And you know there's a YouTube clip of this. No singing, but these guys get down...