Junaio Adds 3D & AR To Location-Based Social Network

When Rod Serling first uttered, "there is  a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity...this is the dimension of imagination," he might have been giving us a prescient glimpse into the future of Junaio.

Junaio combines two of the top phenomenons sweeping the digital landscape at the present time - namely, location-based social networking with augmented reality. When these worlds collide, users will get an opportunity to add 3D to their real and virtual environments.

According to a ReadWriteWeb report, Metaio Augmented Reality Solutions is about to release the company's Junaio iPhone application. Similar to Wikitude, Junaio offers "location-based information on historical sites and points of interest," but differing from other location-based social networks it provides users with the opportunity to edit AR layers, add 3D animations and share edited scenes via social networks like Facebook and Twitter.  

Junaio allows you to create, explore and share information in a completely new way using augmented reality. By combining innovative online and mobile technologies you will be able to place 3D objects into the real world and share this with friends and followers on other social networks.

Junaio also comes with a Directory, Live Views and Map Views allowing users to discover scenes published by others. The directory lists all published scenes descending by distance to your current location. Both views let you find scenes that are near you interactively.

More intriguing is when you visit a location where somebody else has left 3D "breadcrumbs" before you. In those instances, you can see these objects through the Live View. But more than that, you can actually walk around the virtual objects or approach them to explore them in greater detail.

Junaio is currently in beta with a release scheduled very soon. You can sign up on their Web site for updates or follow the company's Twitter account @twitt_AR.

Perhaps Rod Serling did dream up Junaio back in the 60s and left a few "breadcrumbs" for the Junaio team to find some 50 years later. Sounds like Junaio's new world is one "whose boundaries are that of imagination" - check out that signpost ahead - your next stop should be the App Store!"

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