Junaio's App Moves Indoors To Put The AR In ScavengAR Hunt @SXSW

Developer Metaio just released Junaio 2.0, an updated version of their augmented reality browser with the most cutting-edge features available today. Strategically planned to debut at the South by Southwest Interactive Conference(SXSW) March 10, 2020 in Austin, TX, the Metaio team have integrated the app into a special event titled "ScavengAR" that will provide conferees with an opportunity to experience the capabilities of the application first-hand.

Back in November, I compared Junaio 1.0 to the 60's sci-fi TV Show  'Twilight Zone' because of its innovative new approach to integrating AR with location-based social networking. In just a few short months, this Munich-based firm continues to make advances that distinguishes it from the pack, as they will demonstrate this week in Austin for the world to see.

Metaio and their PR partner Porter Novelli have teamed up to create ScavengAR, a unique event personalized for the SXSW attendees. This upbeat YouTube vid will provide you with an overview of the contest and the enhanced features of Junaio 2.0.

With a chance to win a $1000, I am sure Metaio and Porter Novelli will mobilize thousands from the conference to hit Austin streets 'hARd' to seek out and register the 30 digital clues inside and outside of buildings. Billed as the "next AR Generation Browser," Junaio 2.0 outdoes its competition by rolling out a new "indoor location function" that combines GPS and compass-based geo-information with the new LLA-marker-technology (patent pending).

For the first time, an AR app will allow users to visit places like museums where they can point their cameras at exhibits and view information overlays directly from their mobile phones. This enhanced AR component "makes it possible," according to Peter Meier, CTO of Metaio "to bring augmented reality to places like exhibitions, trade fairs, shopping malls or stations without being dependent on the limited accuracy of the (current) GPS-technology."

Junaio 2.0 also introduces a new means to arrange location-based content into categories. Currently, these channels will include: News, Culture, Shopping, Games, Travel and Food. Users can then share their experiences, 3-D objects, tweets, Web site date and recommendations using the  personal channel option that customizes their content.

Conferees at SXSW will also be able to locate nearby parties and events throughout the conference by using Junaio's Eventful Channel which integrates event location and venue details. The data of each event is overlaid on the live-view from the camera of one's smartphone and the compass feature will point attendees in the direction of the event.

So once again, Metaio and Junaio have pushed the envelope on augmented reality. Almost makes you want to hop the next flight to Austin, doesn't it? But if you're like me ... and can't break away, check out the ScavengAR Hunt microsite for updates on the winners, prizes and additional announcements.

And for those at the conference, here is a tip. Track down social media guru Robert Scoble. The Junaio app will let conferees see his most recent tweets in a way that is unique only in the world of augmented reality.  When you locate him at the conference, use your iPhone to take a picture of the AR marker on his shirt allowing you to collect a clue and view a "3-D Floating Tweet," that is actually his latest tweet in real-time. Pretty cool, eh?