Make Art Out of Junk Like Steve Oatway

Artist Steve Oatway creates works of art from junk he finds laying around.

Not only does he make a living this way being able to express himself creatively, he uses recycled junk which is also environmentally friendly.

He says that most of his sculptures are from life experiences, good or bad, therefore each piece tells a different story. He also creates these sculptures for the enjoyment of creating something out of junk.

Scrap StallionScrap Stallion

The Scrap Stallion was made of items and junk collected in a scrap yard. The horse took 4 months to create and is made from items found on a motorbike and car, while being welded together with many other objects. The sculpture currently resides at a stable in Sydney, Australia.


King TriffidKing Triffid

Squidfish and King Triffid are made out of rusty metal and found objects. They are currently for sale at a small price of $900 each.

How Do You FeelHow Do You Feel

How Do You Feel is made up of rabbit traps, shoes and gloves. This sculpture can be all yours for just $150.

Jodie - $60Jodie - $60


Hangman is made of rusty metal farm objects and sells for $1,200.

Mirror - $450Mirror - $450

Flower - $150Flower - $150

The ParadigmThe Paradigm

The Paradigm gives us a deeper look into the artist's mind. Here we see confusion, anger, frustration and hope all for the measly price of $6,000. Maybe that's where the anger and frustration come in, because nobody's bought this?

The Bath - $5,000The Bath - $5,000

Nothing like a tortuous art sculpture such as The Bath. This reminds me of something you'd see in a cheesy horror movie. Would you pay $5,000 to take a splash in this?

Boots - $80Boots - $80

$80 for a pair of found boots? What is this world coming to?

Blind MulletBlind Mullet

Blind Mullet is a must have for collectors of funny junk art. For $1,200, you can own this sculpture made of metal shopping trolley and other found items. Blind Mullet won best 3D exhibit at the Inaugural Gawler Art Award 2002.

Knights TaleKnights Tale

This horse sculpture was made of junk found on farming properties. You can ride this horse into the sunset for $6,000.

Wow, I wish I would have known that junk could sell for this much. Maybe I should take a look through my closets and see what kind of things I can throw together. A Michael Jackson glove from the 80's placed carefully on top of a snow globe. Do you think that would sell for an easy $500?

You can take a look at the collection of videos he has created on Youtube or reach out the Steve Oatway on his Facebook page. An interesting video you can watch about the artist is here.

Source: renkrn8

Originally published in June 2008 and updated May 2015. 

Jun 25, 2008
by Anonymous

art into junk

I really detest the concept of 'found objects'. It's so pretentious

Jun 27, 2008
by whysteriastar@h...'s picture

I think they look really cool.

Some of the peices I've seen have been so so, but his are good and quite clever.