Jura’s F90 Internet-Connected Coffee Maker: A Dangerous Brew?

The Jura F90 Internet–Connected Coffee Maker represents the power of a little remote control. It’ s like that old axiom about absolute power in the sense that it corrupts absolutely. If this is still about as clear as mud, consider the dilemma of Australian, Craig Wright, a risk advisory services manager at BDO, who discovered that his Jura F90 Internet-Connected Coffee Maker had “several significant security holes, including a buffer overflow in its internet-connection hardware.”

According to Wright, a malicious hacker could do a lot of damage to the PC connected to the Jura F90 and perform unwanted procedures. He admits that the risk of this happening with the Jura F90 Internet-Connected Coffee maker is low because there aren’t too many internet-connected coffee makers on the market today. Still, the consequences could be dire because at its worst, “you’ll be able to turn on your oven with your mobile phone, which could …burn your house down!”

The Jura F90 Internet-Connected Coffee Maker is a high-end appliance , which allows the user to set the strength of coffee and simultaneously get remote diagnostic help over the Internet without having to send the PC in for service. It should be noted, however, that the $2,000 Jura F90 Internet-Connected Coffee Maker in its own special and very expensive way, adds insult to injury. Not only can a remote attacker possibly have his or her way with it, but also its vulnerabilities could cause the weakening of your coffee, making it possible for you to buy better coffee from the vendor up the street and for a much lower price to boot!

Internet-connected appliances definitely represent the wave of the future, but is the Jura F90 Internet-Connected Coffee Maker for you? It is difficult to say because no one is discussing the Jura F90 Internet-Connected Coffee Maker on the grounds that the answer may be incriminating!


Jun 27, 2008
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Jun 28, 2008
by M Dee Dubroff
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