Just Announced: Oppo O-Band Fitness Wristband for Chinese Market

At the Oppo Find 7 press conference, Oppo announced the O-Band wearable fitness device, their contribution to the host of existing wearable fitness devices on the market.

O-Band by OppoO-Band by Oppo

Functionality includes a pedometer, a sleep monitor and an alarm clock. As well as the regular bells and whistles, the O-Band works as a phone locator, and a remote shutter so you can take photos with your phone from a distance.

The O-Band will be available for $145 (900 Chinese Yuan) at undefined stage in the future. And if in case you're curious, 360.cn are their partners for fitness tracking data, which is what is limiting them to the Chinese market for now, although they are looking for worldwide partners. 

Codoon SmartbandCodoon Smartband

The Codoon Smartband S, another Chinese wearable fitness band, still hasn't hit the shelves despite being in pre-order since December. They have been in the news in the past for redesigning their fitness band to look less like a blatant clone of the Jawbone Up, and now they are in the bad books again for not shipping their devices. 

I guess the number of fitness bands being released is not surprising as global sales of wearables and fitness apps are due to rise, reaching $1.6billion in 2014 according to Gartner Inc. Everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon. 

But as these wearable trackers continue to be released onto the market, there seems to be few solutions in sight for the issue 2 months down the road when customers throw their fitbit or O-Band in a drawer and forget about it. 

GOQii is trying a different tactic - giving it's trackers away for free and charging $99 for a six month service of daily texting with a fitness coach based in Mumbai, India, who analyzes your data and even calls you once a month.  

Maybe that will work. I'm choosing to wait until the fitness tracker battle is over before I get mine