Just A Little Bit Off The Wall: "These Creatures" Hanging Feeders

When original design, durability, function, resource efficiency, and ergonomics coincide in one product, it's karma-phala. If its first product is any indication, These Creatures, a metal fabrications and design partnership, has the karma.  And lucky for pet owners, we get to enjoy These Creatures' Hanging Feeders as much as our cats and dogs.


The beautifully metal-sculpted designs from These Creatures are as stylish as they are functional. Attach them to the wall at just the proper feeding level for your pet, and voila! You have an off-the-wall pet feeder!




The simple true-to-breed line drawings, cut from steel to hold and support two stainless steel bowls, are the ideal posh feeders for the pure-bred dogs you know and love. Currently, These Creatures produces 25 different dog breed Hanging Feeders, but the company is working on additional breeds... and generic Hanging Feeders are also available.


The Hanging Feeders themselves are all somewhat different in size, depending on the standard size of the dog and the position that's being portrayed. Small dog Hanging Feeders come with half-pint bowls for water and food. The larger breed feeders come with 1-quart to 3-quart bowls.

Hanging Feeders for cats come in three patterns: cat, cat with bird, and cat with fish. There are two sizes of feeders for cats: extra small with 2 half-pint bowls and small with two 2 one-pint bowls.



Both cat and dog Hanging Feeders come in a delicious range of colors to match your interiors: limesicle, coral, pearl, parakeet, and charcoal. Each hanging feeder is made to order upon receipt.

All These Creatures resources and products are made on, stored within, and shipped from the same city block in Everett, Washington. Visit These Creatures here.

These Creatures via Modern Cat; see Wikipedia: karma-phala.


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