Just In Time For Spring - Human Breast Milk Ice Cream!


Sometimes you think you’ve heard it all.  The next thing you know you come across something like this – Breast Milk Ice Cream!  Yes, just in time for the upcoming spring/summer weather a restaurant owner in London has decided to serve up a creamy frozen treat made from human breast milk.

The concoction is cleverly named Baby Gaga and costs a whopping 14 GBP (about $22.50) a serving.  It was made using milk donated by one generous mother; however, recently 14 other mothers have volunteered (actually they are paid 15GBP per 10 oz) to be part of the process.  Donating mothers must pass the same health checks as blood donors before contributing.  The milk is pumped and pasteurized on site.  It is then mixed with vanilla and lemon zest and churned into this oddball offering.

Now, I am a huge ice cream enthusiast and am currently a breastfeeding mother, but I am not so sure I could stomach this dessert.  What does everyone else think?  Would you try ice cream made from human milk?


Source: Geekologie, BBC News

Feb 25, 2011
by Anonymous

why yes, yes i would

why yes, yes i would

Mar 8, 2011
by Kim Patterson

Thanks for the reply!

Good to know ;)