Just In Time To Wrap Your Holiday Gifts, SUCK UK Develops Handy Tape Dispenser

What's wrong with re-purposing a dispenser for a tape measure as a dispenser for sticky tape?  Nothing at all, the way SUCK UK sees it.  And it does seem like consumers will agree.


SUCK UK Sticky Tape Dispenser: ©SUCK UKSUCK UK Sticky Tape Dispenser: ©SUCK UK


SUCK UK Sticky Tape Dispenser: ©SUCK UKSUCK UK Sticky Tape Dispenser: ©SUCK UK

Sticky tape is as essential to a kitchen 'handy drawer' as band aids are to a first aid kit. Sticky tape should always be handy; you just never know when just the right application will arise for it.   But there are also times when you just need to keep the the stuff with you, to 'stick' around and be accessible - not buried under the tissue paper, or left in the box - but right there at your waist or apron pocket. (I was thrilled to get the 3M wrist dispensers for the pre-cut Scotch Tape cartridges, until I found out that they don't separate the pieces of tape!)

But to SUCK UK, handy is not just about where the tape sits, it's about making the tape easy to access, easy to dispense and easy to cut. The SUCK UK Sticky Tape Dispenser doesn't require special cartridges and doesn't attempt to do anything fancy.  It just uses a time-tested way of storing and dispensing tape... just like measuring tape, but with a nice sharp cutting edge.

It's a tough aluminum metal case that opens easily to accept a new roll of tape. So professional.  So practical. Of course!


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