A New Kind Of Food Stamp: Tic Tac Toast

Yes, you got it right. It is a piece of toast with a tic tac toe stamp on it. The purpose of the Tic Tac Toast brander is to encourage you play with your food before you eat it. You can even have an opponent, so you can be the peanut butter and your friend, the jelly. Or one of you could be the ketchup and the other, the mustard. Oh my, this is fun!

The winner would get a fresh piece of toast, and the loser would naturally have to eat the Tic Tac Toast, toppings and all.

Tic Tac Toast might be entertaining for a two or three-year old, but would it encourage her to eat the food after she's played with it? Or would she want to play Tic Tac Toast again? Or maybe she'd really like to throw the Tic Tac Toast on the floor?

Here's the thing. You'll just have to buy the Tic Tac Toast to find out what your child will do, because there is no reliable data available on Tic Tact Toast yet. But I am willing to collect data on your child's Tic Tac Toast behavior and even on the adults in your circle. So please purchase the plastic toast brander, stamp it on your breakfast bread, toast the bread until it's dark, and let us know the Tic Tac Toast behavior of your test subjects. Please include their chronological age, their approximate IQ or grade levels, and their Tic Tac Toast tactics.

EDITOR'S UPDATE: Tic Tac Toast is currently unavailable. Look here for a large selection of other fun toast stampers.

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