Just Who Do You Think You Are? 3 Chairs That Tell You

In an exhibit entitled The Power Of Seat(ing) at Milan Design Week 2008, designers Sung-Hyun Kyung, Jesse Weser, and Gesthimani Papadopoulou used their collective talent to create chairs that reflect individual psyches, either who a person is, or who he wants to be.

In the photo below, you'll see that the chair on the right is bent forward. Does it make you think of any type of person?


What about the high chair on the left of the this photo? Or the chair without legs? Do you think that one of the chairs represents your position in a group?



The three chairs represented in the Power of Seat(ing) are: 1. The Queen, sitting in a higher position than others, represents the authoritarian, the "decider," if you will. 2. Superman can do and does everything; his chair can't even function without his legs to hold it up. 3. The Thinker, a chair that takes on the lines of Rodin's sculpture, "The Thinker," analyzes everything, finding pros and cons, as well as alternative solutions.




Which of the chairs represents you? The Queen, Superman, or The Thinker? Who would you like to be?

 sources: sung hyun kyung, Yanko Design