Just Your Basic Cell Phone With $10,000 Worth Of Design: The +YvesBehar Phone

Some writers diss Yves Behar's new +YvesBehar phone for lacking the functionality of today's smart phones.  True, it doesn't access the Internet, send email, or incorporate touchscreen technology.  But the +YvesBehar has something else...


The +YvesBehar Cell Phone: © YvesBeharThe +YvesBehar Cell Phone: © YvesBehar

It has style. The +YvesBehar cell phone was clearly not intentioned to compete with an iPhone in functionality.  Behar uses his designer's sensibility to create not just a pretty face, but a tactile experience unlike a traditional phone or mobile phone.

"The problem with a touch screen is that unless you're looking at it, you're completely lost," he said in an interview with Mobiledia. "So we lose a layer of intuitive function with touch screens. With a phone, I want to have something in my hand where I can explore its tactility."

Behar enlisted the expertise of watch component manufacturers in Switzerland and France to create the wonderful classic rows of watchband keys on a keypad that teaches a new and conscious method of touchtone.

Okay, so the +Yves Behar has the functionality of a $20 handset, as Mobiledia describes, like the ones "marketed in developing nations." It does call and text, however, and that's all most people, even in the 'developed' world, really need

But isn't this all besides the point? Behar's design is not for techies.  It's for those who want a valuable piece of art.  Maybe they will use it, maybe not.  It costs $10,000, or $60,000 if purchased in gold. In 25, 50, 100 years, its value as a design work will be much greater.  How much will your iPhone be worth?


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Mar 15, 2011
by Anonymous

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