JVC Speakers Get Diet Down To Flat Panel Size

The flat panel TV has been both a blessing and a curse to the casual home theater enthusiast. On the one hand, it offers a beautiful picture while taking up less room than the antiquated CRT. On the other, flat panel TVs are so sexy, with their crisp, HD picture and slim dimensions, that they make everything else in the room look large, fugly and outdated--especially the gargantuan speakers that are needed to get audio on level with video.

For this dilemma, JVC introduces the SP-FT, a set of speakers that are as slim and aesthetic as a flat panel TV. In fact, they're just 31 mm deep. Hang these on your wall, free up space in your room and have a truly beautiful home entertainment system. While it's doubtful the minimized speakers will offer anywhere near the audio ballpark of a pair of tower speakers, they should offer a mix of sound and looks that satisfies the casual viewer. 

The speakers will be available in both black and white and will include an amplifier that puts out 80 watts across 4 channels. The system supports formats including Dolby, DTS and AAC. It'll be hitting the market in Japan later this month at an amp price of 24,000 yen (app. $267)  and a speaker price of 20,000 yen (app. $223).

Via: Engadget