Jyrobike Helps Kids Learn To Ride A Bicycle


It's hard to teach kids how to ride a bike, because you can't really teach someone how to balance themselves. That's a skill that must be acquired through practice. So, if your kid is at that age where they'll be getting their first bicycle soon, you may want to check out Jyrobike.

The makers of Jyrobike claim that you can teach your kid to ride in just one afternoon. What makes it so easy for kids to ride Jyrobike is it's built-in gyroscope. Jyrobike is the world's only bike that helps its rider to stay balanced. 

Jyrobike: The Bike With A GyroscopeJyrobike: The Bike With A Gyroscope

With Jyrobike, your kids won't need training wheels to learn balance. If the rider begins to wobble or tip over, Jyrobike corrects the steering and stabilizes the rider. The unique Control Hub, which is built into the front wheel, generates the stabilizing force that rights the wobbly rider. 

A lot of children find that learning to ride a bike is daunting and can be frustrated by it. Jyrobike makes this process easier, and you'll have a happier, bike-riding kid as a result. As your kid learns the balance required to ride a bike, you can gradually dial back the gyroscope. Eventually, the child will need no assistance and will be happily tearing up the sidewalks in your neighborhood.

Jyrobike Makes Learning To Ride EasyJyrobike Makes Learning To Ride Easy

The ability to turn back the "help" Jyrobike gives its rider makes it a much better alternative to training wheels, which provide the same amount of stabilization all of the time. The Control Hub itself is battery powered and can be recharged. 

You can either buy the complete Jyrobike or purchase a Control Hub that can attach to a bike you already have. Jyrobike isn't yet on the market, but you can pre-order on the Jyrobike website. You can also check out Jyrobike's Kickstarter page for a great video and more information.