KangoGift: Gift Giving By Text Messaging For The Lazy Consumer

Lazy gifting companies aren't new to us, and really aren't all that surprising since people thrive on having everything provided to them as convenient as possible. Now, there's a new company that takes this ideology to the next level, making use of the world's favorite method of communication in the spirit of giving.


KangoGift does require that gift givers shop online, so while it's still a much lazier option than visiting a retail store; it still requires an element of effort. Where the real convenience comes in is in the actual giving process. Instead of having to go through the hassle of visiting your friend or family member to give them that something special you'd know they'll love; KangoGift sends them a text message on your behalf. The text message contains the details they need to go and pick up the item their thoughtful friend gave them, and they need to go through the effort of the journey to get to their gift.

Text message givingText message giving

KangoGift offers a great concept that caters to convenience, but let's be honest - the real gift is the fact that the givers never have to leave the comforts of home while the recipients do!