The Kate Gosselin Haircut Wig: Find Your Inner Control Freak For Halloween

The "stars" of the TLC show Jon & Kate Plus 8 have been dominating the media because of rumored affairs, child exploitation and divorce, and for those who are jealous of the attention, a new fashion item lets them try to follow in the mother of 8's footsteps.

Kate Gosselin WigKate Gosselin Wig

While Kate Gosselin has been in the media lately due to her relationship drama, right now it's her hair that's prepared to make headlines right in time for Halloween. Yes, now you can have Kate Gosselin's haircut without having to take a plunge that's almost as life changing as popping out 6 children at once. With more wigs scheduled to be in stock on September 15th, stock up in time for Halloween so you too can be perceived as a fame seeking mother with a serious case of OCD.

Via: LA Times Blog