Creating Illusion With Lighting: Kate Wall Lamps

The "Kate" wall lamps, actually Kate L, Kate M, and Kate S, are brilliant combinations of utility, fiction, and fascination... like functional trompe l'oeil murals or wall stickers.

The lamps, designed by Kattentidt+Scheib & Product Found, create all kinds of illusions that make this lighting so much fun! By framing the wall lamps with mirrors, using mirrored lamp shades, and mounting the entirety to the wall, the Kate wall lamps make you wonder if the light is an illusion as well as what they are reflect.

Shown below in mirror-quality stainless steel, the Kate lamps are also available in several colors of powder-coated stainless, which may enhance their mysterious qualities or dull them. You'll have to imagine!

The Kate L Wall Lamp

The Kate L is a "standing" wall lamp approximately five feet tall and one foot wide, but it's a good eight inches in depth so it provides the depth the lamp needs for both symmetry and balance. (A great hall light!)

The photo to the right shows the Kate L lamp shade in "anthracite-glimmer" with a white lamp base.










The Kate S Wall Lamp

Perhaps a dresser mirror with wall lamp? The little shelf makes the Kate S particularly handy.




The Kate M Wall Lamp

Ah, for rooms with a view, a somewhat wider version of the Kate S lamp!

What do you think? Are the lamp bases real or illusion?

The Kate L, Kate M, and Kate S lamps can all be seen at their "dealership," German design shop, Pulpo . Worldwide retailers can also be found on the website.