Stop the Swoob! Fresh Breast Lotion Prevents Sweaty, Summer Boobs

Summer is a time for barbecues, pool parties, and dreaded swoobs. Swoobs, sweaty boobs, are uncomfortable. The girls start to chafe, get red, and end up very irritated. It's hard to wear bikinis and sun dresses when your chest is sore and sweaty. Well, Fresh Body cares for the areas other deodorant companies forget about, and their Fresh Breast lotion will soothe those swoobs this summer, keeping your girls happy and dry.

 This deodorant is awesome because it starts off as a soothing lotion but then transforms. Apply it in the morning during your daily routine. As it dries, it becomes a cooling, clump-free powder, keeping your ta-tas fresh all day. It's scentless and free of aluminum, talc, and parabens. I've never heard of a product ike this before, probably because women don't want to talk about sweaty boobs. Awkward. Fresh Body doesn't care if it's an uncomfortable topic; swoobs are uncomfortable, and they are prepared to solve that problem. Tons of women love Fresh Breast, saying the sweat marks on their shirts are gone and the rashes across their chests are history. 

If you're a man, don't worry, you can get in on this action too. Fresh Body also makes Fresh Balls lotion, so you can keep your downstairs happy, too! They also have lotions for your feet or your baby's bottom. Fresh Body has got those sweaty spots covered.

It doesn't have to be anymore!It doesn't have to be anymore!

This summer, you can stand by the AC all day or walk around with crossed arms to hide shirt stains, but the best way to defeat breast sweat is with Fresh Breast. Who cares if it's an awkward topic. If you've got swoobs, you've got a problem, and Fresh Body wants to solve it. It's time to enjoy bikini and sun dress weather! Say ta-ta to sweaty ta-tas, and keep the girls happy this summer with Fresh Breast lotion.

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