Keep Toes Toasty With Heated Yeti Foot Warmers

 Yeti Wireless Foot Warmers by Smoko: Yeti foot warmer image via Smoko FacebookYeti Wireless Foot Warmers by Smoko: Yeti foot warmer image via Smoko Facebook


Winter is upon us, and keeping warm should be your first priority. While some people live for snowy weather and outdoor activities like skiing, ice-skating, tobogganing and snowboarding, others just want to curl up and hibernate until the worst is over. This is the time of year to build yourself a roaring fire and snuggle up under one of those couch throws you’ve got lying all over the living room with a mug of cocoa full of Schnapps or a steaming bowl of chili. If your throws are like most people’s, though, you might end up feeling short-sheeted due to their size.

Yeti USB Foot Warmers

If there’s no room at the inn for both your feet to be covered and have the blanket tucked up under your chin, no worries, there’s always a pair of wireless yeti foot warmers to keep your tootsies toasty. Now, you can keep your feet warm with abominable snowman slippers that heat up without plugs or wires so you have full mobility to pad around the house — or 7-11, if that’s how you roll — without your feet getting cold. Courtesy of Smoko, these battery-operated slippers can toast your tootsies for up to three hours before needing a charge.


Yeti Hand Warmers by Smoko: Yeti hand warmer image via Smoko FacebookYeti Hand Warmers by Smoko: Yeti hand warmer image via Smoko Facebook


Yeti Hand Warmers

What’s that you say? Your hands get chilly, too? Smoko’s got you covered in that department as well with yeti USB hand warmers. These furry gloves with yeti claws can be set to low or high and plugged into a USB port whenever they need a charge. Pair them with the foot warmers, and you instantly become a yeti. Fair warning: don’t blame Smoko or us if somebody tries to bag you for proof that they exist. Smoko notes that while these are totally adorable, they are not suitable for children under the age of six. You’ll just have to find another way to keep their hands warm.

2015 Smoko Holiday Gift Guide

Based on the 2015 gift guide released by Smoko, there’s more yeti fun in store besides the hijinks you can get into with the yeti foot warmers and yeti hand warmers. That’s because they have a yeti pillow warmer. Little known fact, but, according to Smoko, yetis are actually terrific cuddlers. Who knew? All this time we just thought they smelled bad. Hopefully that’s just an urban myth, much like their existence. If not, skip the cuddling with a live one and stick to the pillow. It, too, comes with variable heat settings and a removable Lithium-ion battery for wireless heating.


Yeti in a Can by Smoko: Yeti Spam image via Smoko FacebookYeti in a Can by Smoko: Yeti Spam image via Smoko Facebook


Yeti Treats

Not yeti-ed out yet? Wow, you’re indefatigable, because we sure are. But if you’re still striding along like Sasquatch and you’ve worked up a hunger to match, there’s — wait for it! — Yeti Meat in a Can. Yup, bet you never saw that one coming. Now, you can stock up on your favorite Spam-like food source while wearing your new yeti getup that you’ll hopefully receive just in time for Christmas and go all cannibal with this taste-tempting treat folks in the Himalayas have been boasting about for decades. That’s right, Hawaii’s got nothing on them. It's recommended you order now, if you want to get in on the act.