Keep Your Deceased Loved One's Scent In A Perfume

Can perfume help you through the grieving process?Can perfume help you through the grieving process?A research team in France has learned how to keep your deceased loved one's scent with you long after they are gone. This preservation of one's scent can help those coping with the death of their parent, child or significant other. With this special perfume, you can keep a piece of your loved one, hopefully helping you through the grieving process.

When Katia Apalategui's mother held onto a pillowcase because it smelled like her late husband, Apalategui decided to find a way to preserve a person's scent. She wanted to help her mother and anyone else dealing with loss. Scent is closely tied to memories, and Apalategui was certain she could find a way to keep the memories of loved ones alive. After years of searching for a team to help her develop this idea, she teamed up with Havre University and discovered how to recreate the human smell. The team extracts odor from clothing and reconstructs the molecules in the form of a perfume. The whole process takes about four days.

The perfume is not available yet, but Apalategui plans on launching the business in September. She hopes to sell it in funeral homes to help families overcoming their loss. This niche product will cost about $600, so it's not a cheap way to relive moments with your loved one. To some, this perfume may seem like a morbid addition to your body spray collection, but for those grieving, this innovation could make the grieving process hurt a little less.

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