Alarm May Keep Children From Drowning

I grew up (and still reside) in Florida.  During the summer months, not a week goes by when there isn't a tragic story broadcast on the nightly news involving a child who has somehow managed to fall into the family swimming pool and drowned.

It has become a standard procedure for responsible pool owners to install a child-proof gate around the pool area.  But natural selection takes its toll and, be it due to lack of funds or just plain stupidity, some people ignore this step.  Hence the weekly reports of children drowning (over 900 per year throughout the United States).

This leads me to The Pool Alarm by Pool Protector.

A pool alarm?  How is this a spy gadget?  Simple.  Anything involving high-tech home security would fall into the realm of spy stuff-if only because sooner or later someone will try to figure out how to augment this device for some other security use-or endeavor to trick it, and thereby gain access to your nice, cool swimming pool while you're not home.  And this would be the guy who's been doing yard work and plumbing all day--and hasn't showered before sliding blissfully into your pristine, crystalline water.  Yuck.

For child safety, I think this device is a must.  Even if you have a gate installed, The Pool Alarm is a great way to augment the safety of your pool area.  Essentially all this thing does is sound an alarm when someone or something falls into an unsupervised pool.  Installation is insanely easy.  See the picture above?  That's it.  You simply put The Pool Alarm on your deck with the proper portion in the water.  The 12-volt power supply runs on a 9-volt battery-which should give you up to a year of uninterrupted pool safety.

It cannot be de-activated after installation-though it can be put into a Sleep Mode.  If someone attempts to remove the Pool Alarm improperly, it will go off.  It comes with a remote receiver that can be mounted up to 200 feet from the unit itself-that way you could be inside cooking dinner and still hear the alarm if it goes off.

At around $159.00 US, it is a bargain for the type of security it provides.  You can find The Pool Alarm at Amazon.

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Jan 21, 2009
by Anonymous


Yeah, this is one item that should be mandatory if you have a pool...

Jan 24, 2009
by Anonymous

Pool Alarm

What a great find....if it indeed works as stated. Most pool alarms are very expensive and unaffordable to most. I have been looking for an alarm like this to make available through our prenatel program coming out in Spring.