Keep That Booty Safe and Dry!

Hey mom, those baby wipes are wet and chilly! This is what your kid would tell you at every diaper change if he/she had more advanced verbal skills. A goose-bumped butt is anything but attractive, but never fear – now you can keep that little booty warm and dry with the Baby Bottom Fan.

This hand-held air contraption comes with an anti-microbial fragrance dispenser that helps to protect your little one from common skin issues such as diaper rash. In other words, your baby’s butt will spell like the essence of lavender, and you will never have to deal with a nasty rash again.

Baby bottoms have never been happierBaby bottoms have never been happier

The Baby Bottom Fan thinks so highly of itself, it even claims to soothe its subjects, making bedtime more manageable for parents the world over. You don’t have to worry about babies being terrified of its sharp blades either, as it is crafted out of a foamed sponge material that makes it safe to the touch. The official manufacturers (an elusive Korean company, no less), declare that it will save your baby from “any agony.”

I had no idea that undergoing a diaper change could be exceptionally traumatic, let along agonizing. But then again, I haven’t been through one in over twenty two years. I’d better go out and get a Baby Bottom Fan for my firstborn, or else according to the insinuation from Asia, I may be paying heftier fees via therapy bills later on!

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Mar 7, 2008
by Anonymous


Am I the only one who thinks this looks like something completely different?
I would make a baby fan with funny baby stuff, or famous cuddly characters.

This looks a little bit too much like something that could be involved in the making of babies for my taste.

Interesting, but nothing I would go out and buy.

Mar 7, 2008
by Anonymous


i definately saw someting else in this bulging electronic device