Keep Kids Cool in the Car This Summer!

Summer’s on its way, and that means parents are searching for innovative ideas to keep kids cool during vacations and muggy days. The Cold Seat is the perfect product for parents of fussy infants and young children who hate traveling in hot cars or living in swimming pool-free homes.

Cold Seat is an out of the ordinary car seat cover that can cool off kids during summer road trips or even on short rides around town.  With cars’ internal temperatures reaching beyond 100 degrees during warm weather, this freezable seat will be favored over the air conditioner that can take awhile to get going.

A Cool AlternativeA Cool Alternative

Working your Cold Seat is simple.  Just stick it in the freezer before your next car ride, and then fasten it into a standard car seat. You can then take it on the go and use it at soccer games or at a picnic. When you are done with it, simply roll it up and use its Velcro fasteners for convenient storage.

One of Summer's Best InventionsOne of Summer's Best Inventions

Kids can’t sit directly on the ice pack, but the quick cool it provides to your backseat passengers will make a world of difference during that next heat wave. Cold Seat is available through its official website, , or through other fine children's retailers. 

Aug 4, 2008
by Anonymous


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