Keep The Booze Out Of Baby With Milkscreen

Just because you’re a new mom doesn’t mean you don’t want to party! The new Milkscreen system allows you to get your drink on, without compromising the health of your breast-dependent little luncher.

Doctors customarily tell breastfeeding mothers to wait two hours after alcohol consumption before baby’s next meal. However, paranoid new moms will only take this advice with a grain of salt, sometimes fearing transmission of alcohol into their little one’s system even 24 hours after the cocktail party. In an attempt to give mommies peace of mind, two Texas moms have developed Milkscreen , a breast milk tester kit that is available for purchase through many mainstream stores.

In as little as two minutes, moms can noninvasively screen their breast milk content, ensuring a safe meal for their infant. While some critics argue that Milkscreen is a waste of money, and standard doctor’s advice should just be followed, women are still purchasing the sets of test strips that come in packages of three, eight or twenty – so even diehard boozers will have some on hand.

Easy Screening ProcessEasy Screening Process

Many moms agree that the reassurance Milkscreen brings is worth the cost (around $20 for a large pack), and the system has allowed breastfeeding women the freedom to reestablish their social life without compromising the quality of life for the most important person they know. (Buy here )

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