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Keep Time With These Samba Dancing Kitchen Timers From Pylones

"Beeeep?" "Ting-Ting?" or "La-la La-la-la. Tschoo-te-tscha-te-tscha-tscha?"

Okay, so I can't write rhythm, but you get the point? If you have a timer in your kitchen, which one would you want to hear when the hour is up? My choice is a member of the band of samba playing, dancing, wind-up dolls from the fanciful French house of Pylones.

There are five members of the Pylones Robot Time-Out Kitchen Timers band. And they're all so adorable, you'll have trouble just choosing one, but they are sold separately. Each Kitchen Timer is 7" tall and was designed by Crea Crea for Pylones.

What great gifts! Here they are:


1. Pylones Pirate Robot "Time-out" / Kitchen Timer


Pirate Robot


2. Pylones Robot Time Out / Kitchen Timer "Melonie"




3. Pylones Robot Time Out / Kitchen Timer - Green




4. Pylones Robot Time Out / Kitchen Timer - Pink



5. Pylones Robot Time Out / Kitchen Timer "Vichy"






Dec 17, 2008
by Jill Harness
Jill Harness's picture


These are just too cute. Thanks for sharing them!