Why Have Just Two Boobs When You Can Add More!!!

For all those individuals wishing for big boobs without the surgical implications, the Boob Scarf available from Lordesoftheflies at Etsy gives just the right amount of chesticle ballast. Complete with nipple embellishments, the boob scarf also keeps you warm on those chilly evenings when you just feel like fondling yourself.

The Boob Scarf!The Boob Scarf!

 Touted as looking and feeling "almost" real, the Boob Scarves come in a multitude of fashion colors, textures and nipple shades to match any ensemble! Some styles even incorporate a graphic "tattoo" design for even MORE visual interest.

Lots of Boob ScarvesLots of Boob Scarves

Granted, they can make even the firmest chest look droopy--which can be less than flattering on some people. But as a scary man once told my sister-in-law in a bar (completely unsolicited, I might add) "You have the most magnificent breasts I've ever seen..." I suppose it doesn't matter what shape they're in--as long as they look like boobs!

More Boob Scarves!More Boob Scarves!