Keep Your Brush Fresh with Yumaki Subscription Toothbrushes

Introduce a Scandinavian product design company to a Japanese oral care factory and what will you get? Yumaki... and 18 great looking, ergonomic toothbrushes with names like “Speed”, “Rasta”, and “Nerd”.

Even better, Yumaki's pipeline is full to bursting with new designs to be introduced on a seasonal basis.

Yumaki isn't about form at the expense of function. On the contrary, the company website offers tips and advice users can apply to their teeth-brushing regimen.

This concern for proper oral care is reflected in the design of Yumaki's toothbrushes. The sensuously shaped, flexible, & degradable plastic handles allow the user a precise degree of control while orienting the high quality nylon bristles at the optimum angle to best clean teeth.

All well and good, but Yumaki adds a unique subscription option that not only saves users money, it puts a brand new Yumaki toothbrush in their hands every 3 months – the exact interval recommended by dentists.

A single Yumaki designer toothbrush is priced at $10, a yearly subscription providing 4 toothbrushes goes for $35. While it's cool to save money, the subscription also saves you time... and really, who remembers to go out and buy themselves a new toothbrush every 3 months? (via Spoon and Tamago