Keep Your Chickens In A Hobbit Hole

There is no place like home and the Hobbit Hole Chicken Coop is just the coolest place for your chickens to call home. J.R.R. Tolkien may be turning in his grave a bit, but I think he would get a laugh out of these Hobbit Holes. While you may have started raising chickens as a hedge against the economy, this is gonna set you back by moreHobbit Hole Chicken CoopHobbit Hole Chicken Coop than a few dozen eggs.

Though the neighbors might think you have lost your mind when the backyard starts looking like the Shire, you will be enjoying the memories of your favorite books (or movies). Chances are the chickens will be living larger than you and the kids will be demanding some new digs of their own (or they will evict the chickens and take over the coop).

The coops come in three different sizes to accommodate the size of your flock -- 10', 20', or 30'square. The company, Wooden Wonders, can also build a Hobbit Hole to your size and color specifications. Each comes with a removable linoleum floor insert and a removable litter board at the base of the back door for easy cleaning. 

Hobbit Hole Chicken Coop -- Rear ViewHobbit Hole Chicken Coop -- Rear ViewA vented roof ridge and windows that open allow plenty of ventilation. Lots of perch space is provided for the comfort of your birds. The nest boxes have exterior access to allow you ease in collecting eggs. Landscaping and chickens are not included. 

Chicken coops are not the only Hobbit Holes that Wooden Wonders creates. They also build a Hobbit Hole Playhouse for kids that is 4' x 8' square. 

The Hobbit Holes are all crafted in the U.S. and the wood is locally sourced from sustainable venues and milled at a local lumber mill. Wooden Wonders is a family business and each hole is built by the family.


If you start thinking that you are seeing Bilbo or Frodo walking about please contact a mental health professional (or a drug counselor) immediately. 

It may be pricey, but life will be fair for your fowl down at Bag End in the heart of the Shire.

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 Hobbit Hole PlayhouseHobbit Hole Playhouse