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Keep Your Hamster Busy In The Habitrail Ovo Maze With Chewable Home

Habitrail loves its hamsters!  You can tell by the ingenious activities it creates for them.  In the Habitrail Ovo Maze and the replaceable chewable habitats within, it provides your little buddy with outlets for his natural behaviors: chewing, hoarding, burrowing, and even sleeping. 



The "Ovo" itself is a great addition to any suite of habitats or trails you already have for your hamster, with extension connectors on both sides. An ample air vent and a retractable roof allow circulation as well as an entry for you to replace food or water... as well as hide treats for your hamster to find.  Hamsters love to discover!

The dimensions of the Habitrail Ovo Maze, well-priced at Amazon, are: 10.2" x 14.2" x 12.5".  It comes with your hamster's first Chewable Cardboard Maze, one of four styles sold separately to provide your hamster with the continuous pleasure of being able to eat his own home.  All four, as seen below, are available from Amazon.com.

The Beach Underwater Scene Cardboard Hamster Maze, that comes with the OVO, can be replaced when needed....



Or, you can try a different clever maze for your hamster to devour!  Here is the Habitat Ovo Tree House Cardboard Hamster Maze:



... the Habitrail Ovo Truck Cardboard Hamster Maze...




... or, the Habitrail Ovo Doll House Cardboard Hamster Maze!



The Habitrail Ovo Maze with treats and toys should provide your hamster with plenty of exercise and a lot of fun!  And you will doubtless be entertained by watching him!


That's the buzz for today!



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