Keep Your iPhone 5 Safe, Secure & In View With JTT's Bunjee Strap

Apple's iPhone 5 is small, sleek and portable so it's no wonder they're constantly getting lost, scratched and dented... and we won't even start on those annoying butt dials. Thankfully, Japan's JTT Online Shop has a solution to all your iPhone 5 woes: the Bunjee Strap for iPhone5.

The Bunjee Strap keeps your iPhone 5 in plain sight – just look down and there it is, resting against your chest. A simple flex of the arm is all that's required to get your iPhone 5 in calling or answering position. No more rummaging through purses, handbags, backpacks or rucksacks, a process that ends up scratching your iPhone 5 while bathing it in dust, dirt and debris.

Unlike other smartphone-securing accessories, JTT's Bunjee Strap for iPhone 5 doesn't require a physical connection between the phone's body/case and the strap. Instead, a flexible loop of soft silicone plastic is stretched around the end of the case.

The plastic will not scratch the case's front or rear, and simple elastic tension is powerful enough to keep the iPhone 5 attached during the owner's normal daily activities.

If you loop the silicone band over the iPhone 5's home button, no problem. When installed, the band is soft enough to allow the user to push the home button. As well, the “white” Bunjee Strap for iPhone 5 features a translucent band though the black  Bunjee Strap for iPhone 5 is opaque.

Last but not least, you can use the silicone band alone as a cellphone charm holder if you prefer to keep your iPhone 5 under cover. The Bunjee Strap for iPhone 5 comes in black or white, with both versions having a woven nylon neck strap that connects to the silicone grip band with a strong, stainless steel lobster-claw carabiner. Priced at 980 yen (about $10.75) each, the Bunjee Strap for iPhone 5 is available at the JTT Online Shop website.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Bunjee Strap is not yet available in the U.S. A similar iPhone Bungee Leash may be  a good alternative.

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