Keep Your Kids Out of Trouble This Christmas With The Gift Alarm

There's nothing wrong with a little wonder about what's under the Christmas tree and letting the kids imagine what their presents are hiding is always fun for all involved. But while some kids shake their gifts and fantasize about what's inside, others peek when no one's looking. With Archie McPhee's new Gift Alarm though, those sneaky so-and-sos will have to think twice before even getting close to their presents. 

The motion-activated alarm has a four-foot radius and when the perimeter is breached, it will start flashing and sounding the alarm to alert any parents or responsible adults in the vicinity to the attempted present uncovering.

Once Christmas is over, the alarm can be repurposed to alarm you when the kids are trying to sneak out of bed early  or steal your last piece of cake -making the purchase a great investment even outside of the Christmas season.